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The goal of the EXAKT pedals is to offer a fully-integrated, highly precise and ultra-reliable power meter. A unique collaboration between two market leaders, SRM and LOOK, has produced a featherlight component which will compromise neither the weight of your bike, nor the sensation of your pedal stroke. Quite the opposite: the pedals are the perfect tool to push your boundaries during every training session and race.


Assembled by hand, all electronic components of the LOOK powermeter are integrated in the pedal body, exactly where force is applied, for ultimate precision and reliability. Featuring full integration, the pedal allows you to measure every detail of your performance from your right leg: power, cadence, strength or efficiency of your pedal stroke, normalized power, training load to optimize your progession. With 100 hours of use between charges, you have plenty of time to push them to the limit.

  • The best power transfer-to-weight ratio on the market today, a stand-out characteristic of the pedals
  • IPX7-certified thanks to the double-joint system on the inside and external cap which seal the axle against the worst weather conditions.
  • Assembled in France and Germany for proven technical know-how and quality control
  • Analyze and share data by connecting the EXAKT powermeter to your smartphone or cycling computer via Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+ technology
Spindle Material Steel
Waterproofness IPX 6/7 Dual Seal System
Body Material Carbon
Platform Material Stainless Steel
Platform Area 400 mm²
Platform Width 64 mm
Float angle 0° / 4,5° / 9°
Q Factor 54,6 mm
Retention 9 to 18
Cleats Keo Grip
Pedal Weight 155 g
Weight Pair + Cleats 376 g
Stack Height 11,9 mm
Stack Height + Cleats 18,2 mm
Power Measurement
Right (Single) / Right-Left (Dual)
Right x2 (Single) / Right+Left (Dual)
Torque Analysis
Right (Single) / Right-Left (Dual)
Pedal Smoothness
Right (Single) / Right-Left (Dual)
Balance Not Available (Single) / Available (Dual)
Autonomy 100h
Guarantee 2 Years

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