Tube replacement (simple bicycle) €2
Tube replacement (bicycles with internal speeds / drum, motor on the wheel) €5
Tube replacement on electric scooter €15
Simple tasks (check brake system, speed system or cassete change) €5
Special tasks (fixing hanger, hydraulic brake system adjustment, bottom bracket adjustment, wheel truing, wheel hubs checking and replacement) €10
Gear and Brake cables fitting and adjustment* €10
Quick service (gear system adjustment and basic bicycle checking, bolts checking and tightening, chain degrease and lubrication) €10
Medium service (Quick service plus bottom bracket and wheels checking) €20
Full service (general checking and adjustment on every bicycle part, bicycle degrease, cleaning and lubrication, wheel truing) €30
Bicycle built (fitting and adjusting parts on a new bicycle frame) €40
Bicycle disassembly and rebuilt €60
Invisiframe installation (*)

In any case with the exception of simple tasks and tube replacement on simple bicycles you bike has to remain on service area. Our technician will inform you as soon as your bicycle is ready to pick it up.
*price might be different for internal cable bicycles

Our technicians will inform you about the cost and the time that required for tasks that are not mentioned above.

(*) Price depends on the bike - Please Contact