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Trendy uvex LGL 46 sunglasses with a cat-eye style. Mirror glass with filter category 3 is suitable for sunny weather and transmits light in the range of 8 % - 18 %.
  • Break resistant: Uvex guarantees maximum eye protection at all times: specially made polycarbonate lenses that meet the standard for ski and safety goggles. During testing they were tested for resistance to fired 6-mm steel balls flying at a speed of 162 km / h. Without breaking. For maximum protection.
  • UV protection: UV absorbing filters incorporated directly into the material 100% protect the retina of the eye from UV damage up to 400 nm. All uvex glasses provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.
  • Mirror: Reflection technology excels in design and functionality. The lens covered with 18 film layers has an imaging effect and, in addition, it protects against infrared radiation with a wavelength of 780 nm to 1000 nm. Special pigments in the polymer lens activate a filter that eliminates and absorbs this radiation. The thermal load is significantly reduced, thus reducing dehydration and eye fatigue - preventing gray haze.

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