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The Kinetic Power Computer T-725W is an excellent choice for a cycling computer both on and off the trainer. All its features (speed, mileage, rhythm, calorie consumption, altimeter, etc.) are accurate both on the trailer and on the ground.

The Kinetic Wired Power Computer is designed to give you accurate power (watt) readings when you are using a Kinetic Trainer. All other functions (speed, distance, cadence, calorie burn, altimeter, etc) are accurate both on and off the trainer. Because of this, the Kinetic Power Computer is an excellent choice for a cycling computer both on and off the trainer. The watts reading is calibrated based on a mathematical relationship between power and speed. This Kinetic Power Formula along with our proprietary software accurately estimates the cumulative effect of 16 different interactive forces. This power curve is based on the "average " rider on the "outdoor ride" using the following cubic function: P = (5.244820) * S + (0.01968) * S3. S=speed in miles per hour, P=power in Watts


  • Speed
  • 4 Keys
  • Auto Start
  • Max. Speed
  • Speed bar (% of max. speed)
  • Average Speed
  • Speed Comparison
  • Distance 1
  • Distance 2
  • Odometer 1
  • Odometer 2
  • Odometer 1+2
  • Ride time 1
  • Ride time 2
  • Distance Countdown
  • Time to arrival (arrival time/time remain)
  • % to arrival (Bar display)
  • 2nd Wheel size
  • Time (12/24hr)
  • Auto sleep
  • Calorie expenditure / Fat burn
  • Calorie
  • Stopwatch
  • Auto Lap (Time/Distance)
  • Power
  • Max Power
  • Average Power
  • Temperature (C/F)
  • Max Temperature
  • Min Temperature
  • Easy Caibration
  • Service interval reminder
  • EL Backlight
  • Cadence
  • Average Cadence
  • Max Cadence
  • Low battery indication

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